1. jonclem's Avatar
    I have just ordered a new phone from Gearbest, China, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 4G, and I have since found out that this phone does not support speech recognition. Is there any way that I could download an app that would enable this or does it mean that the hardware wont support speech recognition.
    Thanks for any advice that might be forthcoming.
    03-16-2017 06:52 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    How did you find out that it doesn't support speech recognition? Any Android phone should be able to do voice-to-text. Do you mean that the phone won't be compatible with any Google apps (i.e., if it's a phone that was intended for the Chinese market), and therefore won't be compatible with Google Now?
    03-17-2017 02:48 AM
  3. kramer5150's Avatar
    Isn't that built into the OS?... IE every android phone?
    Settings => Language and input => Google voice typing

    Set it to how you want it to behave.
    03-17-2017 08:29 AM
  4. jonclem's Avatar
    Hi B.Diddy and kramer5150,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. This is the phone I ordered
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro 4G Phablet-189.99 Online Shopping| GearBest.com
    and I had previously had an xiaomi phone but when I tried to install google keyboard it said "this phone does not support speech recognition". So I sent the question when I was about to order this new phone but they took so long to respond that I had already ordered it by the time I got their reply. And the reply was "Sorry, this phone does not support speech recognition!".
    I am not convinced that the answer has been researched or whether they just take the safe route! The phone is what they call a global version but I don't know how much of the original O/S is disabled.
    Anyway, I have ordered it now so will just try and see if I can make it work on speech recognition.
    Many thanks to you both for your comments - I will post to let you know how it pans out.
    B. Diddy likes this.
    03-17-2017 05:49 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    In the Questions/Answers section of that website, it says, "You need to install the Google Store and others google applications by yourself after receiving it if you order this item." This indicates that the phone is not certified for Google Play, and therefore may not work with Google services -- so you might not be able to use Google's voice-to-text feature or Ok Google. There might be some 3rd party voice-to-text engine you can use, though.
    03-17-2017 09:00 PM
  6. jonclem's Avatar
    Hi again B.Diddy,
    On the web link I sent, right at the bottom, below the two sets of pictures it states the following
    [I][B]"Product Notes:
    1. Download your favorite apps through the Google Play Store or Market installed.
    2. Note: This smart phone is designed only to work with the current Android/Windows OS installed in it. Any alterations such as upgrades or flashing a newer version will void the warranty.
    3. The stated ROM amount shows the maximum available ROM with nothing installed. However, the Android/Windows OS and pre-installed software from the manufacturer will occupy some of this ROM. The available ROM on the device will therefore be slightly less than the ROM listed."
    So it looks this model does have Google Play and it makes me wonder about their Q and A's as I said earlier I am not sure how much research goes into their answers - gives me a bit of hope regarding my question to them about speech recognition!
    I should get the phone in about 10 days and I will report back if the microphone icon is "greyed out".
    Thanks again,
    03-18-2017 02:36 AM
  7. B. Diddy's Avatar
    But in the Q&A, it specifically states that you have to download the actual Google Play Store app yourself. The product notes don't actually say that the Play Store app is preinstalled. The "Market" they're talking about is probably some 3rd party app market specific for the Chinese region.

    Anyway, I hope you have success!
    03-18-2017 10:01 AM
  8. jonclem's Avatar
    Hi B.Diddy,
    The spec looks like it is a little misleading -
    (1. Download your favorite apps through the Google Play Store or Market installed.)
    I took it to mean that google Play Store AND Market IS installed but as you pointed out it could mean "Market" installed. If you want Play Store you have to install it.
    03-18-2017 01:30 PM

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