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    Default [HELP]Lost 3g after flashing over factory image after LTE upgrade

    Many others are having this same issue with no resolution. See threads at the bottom of this post.

    I received my Xoom back after the LTE upgrade and confirmed it was 3.2.2. Like a freaking *****, instead of Rooting the factory installed 3.2.2 image, I just flashed Solarnz's 3.2.2 ROM assuming it was basically the same thing. At that moment, I lost 3g connectivity and have not been able to gain it back.

    I noticed that under "Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks -> System Select" I have Automatic or Home. Before wiping the factory image, I had "LTE/CDMA" options which the instructions specifcally mentioned.

    I'm very confused because AxeMachine confirmed that he DID have the LTE/CDMA option when flashing one of the same images I tried.

    *Yes, 3g was working with the factory image
    *No, I did not do a nandroid (I know, I know...)

    Images I've flashed:

    I've also re-locked, went back to 3.0.1 and upgraded via OTAs to 3.2 but don't get prompted for any further updates.

    Yes, I always fastboot -w (wipe userdata and cache) unless the image comes with a userdata partition.

    Like many others, I've spent an hour on the phone with VZW support and confirmed it's not an issue with my area or account.

    This is the behavior:
    *The radio works and detects the Verizon Wireless network.
    *Activation succeeds
    *After disabling/enabling Mobile Data, Mobile Status says 'Connecting' but then changes to 'Disconnected' after a few seconds.
    *In this logcat you can see it disconnecting, reason=null

    Below are posts from people having the same problem as me. I have PM'd most of them and confirmed no one has found a solution:

    Xoom 4G 3.2.2 Official Release?
    Xoom 4G 3.2.2 Official Release?
    Xoom 4G 3.2.2 Official Release?

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    Default Re: [HELP]Lost 3g after flashing over factory image after LTE upg

    I did almost the same thing you did, just this morning in fact, and I'm currently sitting at the 3.2 (with no updates available) and no options for LTE/CDMA under system select.

    I should of just been content with what I had, no i don't have either!

    Thanks in advanced to anyone who can figure it out.

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    Default Re: [HELP]Lost 3g after flashing over factory image after LTE upg

    I am in worse shape... but I have basically the same problem

    I am stuck at 3.0 build HRI39 and OTA updates are failing... (wifi working, 4G radio unrecognized)

    AC is a failboat for help anymore...
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