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    I received this item in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

    Upon receipt I unpackaged the speaker – nicely packaged inside of a soft velvet-like bag which also enclosed a USB charging cord as 3.5mm audio cord for cabled-used
    The link below to a shared Google Photos folder has all the photos I took while unboxing.
    The first thing I noticed about the speaker – it has some weight to it! Feels like a well-made quality product!
    On the top It has a microphone, standard play/pause control, volume up/down and a hangup button which can be used for speakerphone application.
    Pairing with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was effortless. I simply turned it on using the power switch on the bottom, and it was immediately available for pairing. No PIN number required (it is noted in the documentation that on some devices a PIN is needed, and in that case to use 0000)
    I started my go-to music app, Spotify , and proceeded to try a few different genres of music. I also tested the audio controls on the top of the speaker with Spotify – they worked as you would expect them to!
    The sound has a lot of depth to it, having both good highs and lows. Turning the volume up all the way though doesn’t do the speaker any justice. Everything sounded muddy and over-modulated. You see, it’s marketed as a speaker for yoga/relaxation music, which typically is not played loudly – playing music at a relaxing volume is what it does VERY well!
    I additionally tried playing a few relaxation tracks through it. My favorite to relax (or fall asleep ) to is a country rain-storm recording. Again, the speaker played this quite nicely and sounded very good – as long as you kept it at “relaxation” volume levels.
    Another function of the speaker is that of a speakerphone . This is where it really shines! With the volume all the way up I was able to have a conversation across the room without having to shout and without the person on the line having to speak at higher-than-normal volumes. Not to mention, even with the volume all the way up everything was crisp and clear!
    If you’re looking for a great-sounding Bluetooth speakerphone add-on for your device, or a speaker that will be good for relaxing sounds/music, you will definitely want to give this speaker some consideration!
    It’s available on Amazon – here’s the link!
    11-08-2016 08:45 AM

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