1. 79adam79's Avatar
    I'm looking for a pair of earbuds that have a volume control that independent of the phone's volume. All of the headphones I've seen, with built in volume control, only affect the phone's volume. I want a pair that can increase the volume on their own, even when the phone is at max volume.

    I'd been using a pair of older sony earbuds that came out in the days of the discman, which had this feature, but they broke on me. They had a volume slider on the wire that would let you raise the volume independent of whatever audio device they were connected to.

    I've been trying to post this question on a few HiFi forums I registered on last week, but the moderators still haven't granted me permission to post yet.

    Hopefully someone over here is familiar with the headphones I'm referring to.

    11-23-2017 06:57 PM
  2. Live2ride883's Avatar
    Adam, I believe I still have a pair with my minidisc player, let me look around for them. If I do you can have them for shipping.
    10-17-2018 01:03 AM

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