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    How many things do you wish you could carry with you whenever you leave the house? If your answer is “everything I own!” then SCOTTeVEST is definitely something for you.

    SCOTTeVEST is a clothing company that takes a little different approach to pockets. They’re obsessed with them. They love them so much that they put them on everything. It’s like Frank’s hot sauce. They even put pockets on their underwear. No joke.

    For these guys bags are overrated and so early 2000s. The cool kids don’t carry bags any more. Any why should you when you can comfortably carry quite literally everything you would need right in your jacket? Or vest? Or hoodie? Or underwear? Or even in your lab coat? Seriously…they make a lab coat.

    So now for the big question...does it work? Can you really fit more than any one person could ever possibly carry at one time into one of these jackets? I’m glad you asked.


    So this is their Hoodie Cotton and that’s exactly what it is, which means is super comfy, super warm and just makes you wanna snuggle. Even with all the zippers and pockets, it’s still very comfortable to wear if you’re a hoodie kinda guy or gal. As the name suggests, it’s made out of cotton and it feels fantastic. And since it’s made out of cotton it's premium level comfortable and is also amazing in colder weather You wouldn’t think living in Atlanta it would get super cold, but this winter has been nuts. Like crazy nuts. I’ve really gotten to test this guy out and it passes. Keep in mind that cotton may start to cook ya a bit in warmer weather due to it not being the most breathable fabric.

    My absolutely favorite design feature of this guy, aside from the ridiculous number of pockets, is actually built right into the hood. It’s a little drop down eye mask sewn into the front of the hood that you can drop down when napping to help you sleep a bit better. And the help all those random strangers and pesky family members get the picture, there’s a not-so-subtle “DO NOT DISTURB” printed on it. How has no one thought of this before?!?!?! Like seriously world, that’s just common sense.

    Lastly, I know it’ll seem weird to some people, but I really like the thumb holes cut into the end of the sleeves - they're actually more like cool ninja sleeves. It may not be the coolest feature, but as a 90s kid, it’s wonderfully nostalgic and helps feed that awkward 12-year old kid that I once knew and loved. It also actually keeps your hands warm too so it earns it’s spot on the hoodie.


    21. What comes to mind when you think about that number? Black Jack? That crazy birthday in college that you may or may not remember? Well you should have been thinking, “the number of pockets I wish I had in my jackets.” That’s what I was thinking. That’s what all the cool kids were thinking. And it’s precisely the number of pockets on the SeV Hoodie Cotton. Twenty-one. Let that number sink in. Most backpacks don’t have that many pockets, which I guess is kind of the point. Anway, moving on.

    Let’s start with the two pockets typically on a hoodie, or at least what you thought was just two pockets. SCOTTeVEST is anything but typical so they turned these two pockets into nine. Nine pockets. How is this possible?? I honestly don’t know! It’s kind of insane that they are able to turn what you thought was just two pockets into nine. These will hold so much more than just your hands, although they are great hand holders - it's perfect if you don't know what to buy yourself for Valentine's Day!

    Now, back to the two pockets that you would expect to have in which you typically rest your hands (1 & 2). Both of these are dissected by the lining of two additional pockets accessible via zippers from the top of these two hand pockets (3 & 4); ba-da-boom-ba-da-bing, now you’ve got four pockets (5 & 6). If you reach into the left side hand pocket, you’ll find a small velcro pocket for keeping your loose change around (7). However, if you’re one of those extra cautious types and doesn’t like carrying all your spare change in just one semi-secret coin pocket, no worries! Tucked away in the two front zipper pockets are two more such semi-secret velcro coin pockets (8 & 9). Ok, those are all the pockets on the outside of the hoodie, at least I think they are. I’m sure one or two more will magically appear at some point!

    One last thing to note is that in the right side hand pocket, there is an elastic “key-keeper” band secured with a snap button. This technically doesn’t qualify as a pocket, but it’s certainly a cool feature to prevent any wander hands from wandering off with your keys. SCOTTeVEST designs their stuff with travelers and business folks in mind so keeping your stuff secure is priority for them.

    SCOTTeVEST Hoodie Cotton: The Only Backpack You'll Ever Need-full-vest.jpg

    Let’s move inside shall we? Both sides are actually laid out the same way so I’ll just cover it all in one pass. Starting at the bottom, the first pockets you’ll come to are small, what I’ll call “half-pockets” (10 & 11). These are rectangular pockets that are perfect for holding similarly shaped objects. The left one is recommended for holding a notepad (for those nostalgic folks who still write stuff down...weirdos). This half-pocket on the right side is really interesting, and especially cool for me. I love sunglasses and may or not have more pairs than my girlfriend has shoes. This right-hand half-pocket is actually designed to hold sunglasses. You can tell they designed it this way because they secured a microfiber cleaning cloth onto an elastic band inside this pocket. Yeah, no joke. There’s a pocket layout printed on it to help navigate your way through the jacket and it’s also just cool seeing them catering to those of us with sunglass addiction...it’s a thing.

    Above these dope half-pockets are two Pad Pockets (12 & 13). What are they called Pad Pockets you ask? Well why do you think? Cuz you can fit an iPad in them! Go figure! That’s right, the full size (not the super size 12.9”) 9.7” iPad and similarly sized tablets will fit in either of these pockets! That’s just awesome. Backpack who?? Full disclosure, I do not own a 10.1” iPad Pro so I was unable to test that one, but the two devices are so close in size that I would be surprised if it didn’t fit.

    SCOTTeVEST Hoodie Cotton: The Only Backpack You'll Ever Need-mesh-pocket-without-phone.jpg

    Moving on up, above the Pad Pockets, you’ve got two phone pockets (14 & 15, they just don’t stop!). These guys are large enough to fit pretty much every phone on the planet. Basically, if it won’t fit in this pocket, it’s not a phone, it’s a tablet. In true SCOTTeVEST style though, both pockets have a mesh front that allow you use the touch screen while pocketed. I’m not quite sure how much use you’ll get by being able to touch your phone through your pocket, but I guess it’s convenient for dismissing phone calls, or other simple tasks.

    SCOTTeVEST Hoodie Cotton: The Only Backpack You'll Ever Need-mesh-pocket-phone.jpg

    Now there is a small seam inside both of these pockets which, according to SCOTTeVEST, technically provides two more pockets in this guy (this would be 16 & 17). I don’t know if they’re officially “pockets”, but they do work pretty well for storing a charging cable or charging brick so they’re still helpful. Just to the right of the phone pockets, right up against the zipper, are two pen pockets. These are for...pens (18 & 19). Go figure.

    SCOTTeVEST Hoodie Cotton: The Only Backpack You'll Ever Need-pencil-pocket.jpg

    Last, but certainly not least, although quite possibly the smallest, are two BudBucket Pockets (don’t ask, I don’t know why they’re called that either). These are about the size of a USB thumb drive which I guess is what they’re intended for. You might be able to fit one or two other things in there, like maybe half of a pencil, but other than that you probably won’t get much use out of them. SCOTTeVEST recommends using them for Bluetooth earbuds which will work, but depending on the size of yours, it may be a small hassle to get them out of the pocket easily. (20 & 21).

    SCOTTeVEST Hoodie Cotton: The Only Backpack You'll Ever Need-bud-pockets.jpg

    As proof of SCOTTeVEST’s commitment to quality, each jacket design is inspected by a licensed chiropractor to ensure that all the added weight will not adversely affect your spinal cord. To accomplish this, the company devised a unique placement of the seams to allow for as much even weight distribution as possible. Now, if you add 10 pounds of gear, you are still going to be carrying an extra 10 pounds of gear, but distributing the weight evenly across your chest, shoulders, and back is a very welcome feature.

    SCOTTeVEST Hoodie Cotton: The Only Backpack You'll Ever Need-pan-2.jpg

    One last, very cool feature of this hoodie is called the Personal Area Network (PAN). This patented system is a network of small holes and elastic bands strategically placed throughout the hoodie to enable you to keep your headphone cable secure and out of the way. The PAN allows you to run your headphones into almost any pocket on the hoodie, as long as it’s on the inside. So if your phone doesn’t like to discriminate against the other pockets inside your hoodie then you’re good to go! It’s the ultimate in headphone cable management. Who doesn’t love cable management?

    Show Me the Money…

    Yeah, you didn’t think they were just gonna give away all these pockets and features for free did you? The Hoodie Cotton clocks in at $95 before tax which is actually on the cheaper end for their products. There are a few shirts, and some underwear that is cheaper and you can occasionally find some discounts on Amazon and the like, but it’s still gonna cost you.
    However, it’s not all bad. Considering that this thing is designed to essentially be an extra carry on bag or day bag replacement, the cost may not be as bad as it sounds. Most decent backpacks are gonna run you at least $60 or more, so this may be a worthy investment.

    So, is it Worth It?

    Up to you. The SeV Hoodie Cotton is a fantastic piece of clothing. It’s super comfortable, it’s fashionable, or at least as fashionable as a solid color hoodie can be, and it’s got an insane amount of carrying capacity. If you’re a frequent business traveler, or if you hate carrying a bag, then absolutely buy this...right now… here’s the link.

    If being able to carry every device you have even possibly owned in your jacket is not that important to you, then maybe you don’t need this. There are definitely plenty of other comfortable hoodies with the normal amount of pockets. Just think about how much you really need 21 pockets.

    SCOTTeVEST Hoodie Cotton: The Only Backpack You'll Ever Need-tag.jpg

    I love my hoodie. I’m gonna keep it and have no problem recommending it. You can get yours from their website right here in Black, Cobalt, Ash, Maroon, or Navy. Go ahead. Get one. I dare you.
    02-25-2018 10:26 PM

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