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    Hi! I've had an Acer Iconia A100 tablet since early August. For the last few weeks, it has been very slow. When I start it up, it takes like at least 5 minutes (no exaggeration!) before you can even unlock the screen. Then from time to time it is really slow to respond to taps or altogether unresponsive (i.e. it stays stuck on a particular screen and doesn't respond when I press any onscreen button, the back button, the home button and even the power button). Then This all has made for a very disappointing experience. Is there a fix for this? I am a new android user - the A100 was my first experience with android (though now I have a few more).
    12-17-2011 12:37 PM
  2. buttonstc's Avatar
    How often do you shut it off completely? When I began doing it each night that seemed to help some.

    I also stopped using a live wallpaper and this made a HUGE diff in the lagginess.

    I also did some housecleaning and removed a whole bunch of unnecessary shortcut icons for things I could access another way.

    I also just recently discovered a free app in the market called Fast Reboot which got lots of positive reviews. It does NOT do a reset to factory but just focuses on eliminating temp files and unneeded processes running in background.

    As an absolute last resort there is a total reset via the tiny hole on bottom left side (in portrait) but I personally wouldn't want the hassle as this would restore it to factory presets.
    12-31-2011 10:05 AM
  3. dharr18's Avatar
    The reset button does not do a factory reset. If the screen become unresponsive and the power button does not shut it down, the reset button will reboot the device.

    To do a factory reset you have to go through the settings menu.

    See this post at XDA to download the 3.2.1 update.zip, at end of the post. The ones in the first post are not decrypted, as of this writing.

    xda-developers - View Single Post - [STOCK ROM] Official Packages

    It will not delete anything you have loaded.

    Something to look at, what services are running at startup. I had a problem with Lookout slowing my tablet down after a recent update. You might want to uninstall a few apps that are consuming resources.

    Here is a link to the update.zip if the one from xda is not working.
    12-31-2011 11:40 AM