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    Tragedy struck my little Acer A100 several weeks ago. I had a sciatic pain issue going on, was hobbling about, tablet was in it's case but then dangling in a grocery baggie, swinging as I limped around. The Tablet swung into a door jam. Just at the right speed and impact to fracture the LCD but not the digitizer glass! Ordered a new LCD from ebay - 50.00. watched a you tube video on screen replacement for an Acer 500 a couple times. Downloaded a PDF Service manual for the Acer A100. Used an egg carton to separate screws and parts, a sharpie to label the egg cups, jeweler's screw driver, forceps, tweezers, a well lit, flat, surface. Don't have a static discharge bracelet so I used my bare feet on a sheet of aluminum foil! Took my time. Worked on a white sheet of lint free paper. Made notes during disassembly. Labeled tape pieces for replacement. Took me a couple hours of unhurried, methodical, double checking with PDF (displayed on my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone) time.

    Now my tablet is 100% again! Woohoo! Didn't realize how much I used the device until I couldn't use it!
    Isn't the internet great? Problem solved!
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    04-26-2013 12:02 AM
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    Is your last name MacGyver?:thumbup:

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    04-26-2013 02:33 AM

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