1. ICONIST's Avatar
    Hey fellow Adroids,

    I've tried downloading approx 12 different QR scanner Apps ( including zxing ).

    All of them report that they are not compatible with Acer A200 - bugger!

    Does any A200 user out there yet sucessfully download an XR scanner app???

    If so what is it's name ....... ?

    Thanx in advance
    02-05-2012 11:58 PM
  2. Terrigno's Avatar
    I would assume there not working because of the Tab having only a front camera? Not sure.
    02-06-2012 07:17 AM
  3. DeerSteak's Avatar
    If you have another Android device, can you download to it, back up the APK using ES File Explorer or similar, and then sideload it? Or is it that the app says there's no camera?

    edit: Seems the answer to my question is "both" - nothing shows up for me in the Market. I discovered I could sideload Quickmark Barcode Scanner from my phone, but it doesn't work - just a black screen and I can't get it to look at the front camera. It'll install to my Kindle Fire running CM7 right from the Android Market, but that thing doesn't have ANY cameras. How effed up is that?
    02-06-2012 01:30 PM