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    Ok, so I think I've *finally* settled on a good tablet that I like enough to not return and keep trying them out. If the Wal-Mart had ANY tablets to test out on display, that would be a huge help. As it is, I started out wanting a simple e-book reader, which turned into trying to find a good tablet for the same price range as the reader. I was going to either get the iRulu 10.1" tablet, or the Blackberry Playbook (which I would still LOVE to try!) But then I ended up getting a 7" Pipo Smart S-1 because it had a lot of the features I was looking for. I was severely disappointed in the device, and in the fact it was shipped from China, had massive FedEx problems, and the tablet had all Chinese language in it. It was the atrocious and impossible to use battery that made me just send it straight back the same day. And then, upon doing some Wal-Mart shopping yesterday, I made a semi-impulse buy on the one I had been looking at in-store before I bought anything. They still had the ONE device left, in-box, and I was tired of waiting for "the one", so I really was excited just to be able to have one, new in box, that could possibly be returned if it did not work right. I also got the 2-year warranty on it.

    So now, ever since I began looking for a good tablet, I was buying little accessories here and there on Amazon, most of which I cannot even use now. (Is there some kind of forum for selling/swapping Droid/Tablet accessories?) I do, however, really want to try my hand at some DIY cases, and maybe try to implement the smaller USB keyboard I had gotten for the tablet I just returned, and put it into one of the covers I make? What have you guys made or modified for your devices?? PLEASE share! I love to get new ideas! And if it's allowed, I will try to post pics of the ones I finish.
    To add, does anyone know the best site or Amazon vendor to get good decals for the Iconia A200? I would like to have a cool looking decal, but also I was a little wary of spending $20 for a sticker.
    By the way, I also decided on, and purchased from an Amazon vendor, a new 'old' Nook First Edition White e-book reader. I did not want to use the Acer for reading because it would drain much more power than a black-and-white e-ink e-book tablet. I would love to see some neat decals for this Nook also, because after I tried using a cheap black Nook cover, I removed the Nook and the back was covered in gaudy horrible black stains I could not scrub off. And the back is a solid WHITE rubberized cover, so it's all the more noticeable. A decal would hopefully cover up the atrocity.
    12-05-2012 10:57 PM

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