1. jbrown1114's Avatar
    Hello, I just got my Iconia and came across a bug that I wanted to see if you guys knew anything about. I installed the Amazon App Store through Amazon's email link. When I opened my app list inside the Amazon market, the icons for my apps were flashing. I thought it was a rendering/loading issue at first because I have fairly high number of apps on my Amazon account. However, the app icons continued to flash, and I was unable to download any of my Amazon apps, there was just no responce when I tried to select one. I eventually gave up on the Amazon app market. When I later went back to the Android Market and found that I was now unable to download any apps from there either. The download would initiate, but it would not progress to where it was actually recieving any data from the market. I ended up doing a factory reset, after clearing the Market cache and data, which did not help.

    Has anyone heard of this issue before? I would like to have access to the Amazon App Store, but I am hesitant to reinstall after the issues I had last time. Is there possibly a different Apk required for tablets? Or possibly, I just had a corrupt install.

    Also, while typing this, I have notice my cursor shift to the right from the current text location. The text selection indicator is also way off to the right. Any ideas on how to fix that? I know the stock keyboard is not the best, but it is what I'll be using until I get access to the Amazon App Store.

    Thanks for your help.
    07-26-2011 05:49 AM
  2. mviars's Avatar
    The Amazon App store works for me. The only thing I noticed was that I had to download one at a time or else the others would fail to install.
    07-28-2011 09:05 PM