03-30-2015 08:51 PM
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  1. Warez Waldo's Avatar
    I completely agree that some people are rude on XDA. I am a user and avid reader of XDA forums and I get annoyed with people asking the same question over and over also. That being said, Ill never understand how yelling at someone will help anything. Its almost as though people go on specifically to call out others. I like to compare this situation to YouTube. I make videos on YouTube and time and time again, people will comment asking a question answered in the video or already answered in the description, etc. The best way to handle that is to leave it be. I find that on some days I'll be generous and answer the question. And other days I don't even respond and I don't get myself or others worked up over nothing. By being rude, you push people away from wanting to post. And i know people may consider ignoring someone rude but its still a much better solution than blowing up at them. I know that personally I barely post on XDA because the community just doesn't seem as friendly as Android Central. I have the utmost respect for the devs and the people there but instead of being rude and congesting the threads with hate, just ignore the post. I'm starting to get more annoyed with the rude comments than I am with the stupid questions. Everyone on XDA needs to chill and focus on what's most important. In this case, what's most important is how android is the best OS ever haha.
    Well said.....
    05-28-2013 09:13 PM
  2. Umar Faruk1's Avatar
    Regarding the Thor tegraowner Ics ROM
    I feel I need to help anyone who had done an ota update from acer to upgrade from honeycomb to ics. There had been a persistent sod problem when the iconia goes to sleep.I actually had to try all different roms but to no avail. I even unlocked the bootloader, you need to if you have stock ota update. Flashed different recoveries and still the sod problem continued. Thankfully I found the solution in Thor ics version 170. No more sleep of death. Its probably because Thor used his own kernel which is different from other acer leaks.not sure what and why but somehow the problem is solved and I hereby give testimony to Thor ROM reliability and usability.zero bugs so far. Without Thor, my tablet cannot be used and it cannot sleep at all.
    09-07-2013 05:20 PM
  3. Roefastford's Avatar
    Oh xda is just horrible anymore they will let a member post your personal information on there and because he is a moderator on there they sided with him and banned my account. Jcase did this and they banned me ? I reported him to the financial institution that he got my info from as a had purchase sunshine from him and I also will be making a police report and filing a complaint with Ic3.gov which my financial institution recommended me to do along with the police report and he took some of my info off it but I have proof that he had it posted and so does xda.

    How is it in any way professional for a forum moderator to post your personal information on their web site without your permission ????
    11-08-2014 11:10 PM
  4. mobilefreedom's Avatar
    Wanted to make sure that those who use XDA for Roms and general info are aware of a very disturbing trend going on over there.

    They are now actively deleting threads that discuss Roms that are not hosted on XDA. Had an issue last week where some of the "old guard" were running roughshod over some threads where Thors acer roms were discussed. Long story short, even though we created a new thread that was 100% compliant with the stated rules and regulations of XDA it was closed and deleted with no notice.
    Basically you need to be aware that there are MANY other quality roms that are availible outside XDA. Its sad that such a great resource has become the playground of a few elites in some of the sub forums but that is what happens when you get a few bad mods and a few bad apples.
    May I ask what those other sites are? I found a good one thats Vietnamese. Actually im running a VN V6 Note 4 port from there which is awsome. Any way, I have a hard time finding other sites that dont just rip content off XDA. Dont get me wring I love XDA but there limited. Mabey for this very reason you state. But I want other sites with a different chouce so I can decide. I dint mind if its not english. Theres google translate. As ling as there roms support international variants im good. By the way I have a t-mobile note 3 (900t).
    12-06-2014 11:30 PM
  5. Ryan Artenson's Avatar
    thanks for the tip.... am new to this and really appriciate not having to hassle with such hasslers.

    there was once a word coined, "user friendly" and this is gone now... a new trick machination behind every byte it seems.

    i need to unxerstand some basic things... im a high iq catagory person and i can see that a lot of the attitude shown when "googles" once friendly turn into fiends that make things as user unfriendly as humanly possible.

    im tryi g to root my phone... why is rooting so incredibly convoluted?

    as a newbie i simply cant get any basic simple answers to how to simply root the tablet...at ALL
    to how to proceed! whats after turning the tablet power on... what is the next step...

    look for answers here rather than xda which btw crashed miserably and had a 404 page right on the most prominent link. no explaination about which password they wanted to sign in... so came over here in hope of saving hours and hours, days of wasted time on pple who are so smart they cant explain simple things.

    thanks... end of rant, help would be very welcomed!
    01-15-2015 06:11 PM
  6. splatoid's Avatar
    XDA Has been this way for many ways. I used to be nervous posting over there because I thought I would get flamed. I would always read for days and then post. By doing this I never got flamed. I understand the reason for short tempers because allot of people Do ask questions without even looking at any posts. Now that would annoy me for sure but I still wouldn't be that rude about it. But in truth XDA isn't the only site with problems I have ran into other forums over the years where people think because there on the internet they can cut loose and rude or mean cause there to chicken to do it to people in person. Anyway I just wanted to chime in I was feeling left out. But in truth I have ran into a lot of nice people on the Acer A100 forum and others. There are some decent people there still.
    03-30-2015 08:51 PM
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