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    Got the ICS update and since then I have been having lots of problems.

    Apps are unstable (they flash rapidly and then crash), including Gmail which I cannot use at all (I have tried to uninstall and reinstall... but the same issues continue).

    I have also tried to use the new folder option, but here also, suddenly the folders start to flash before the whole thing crashes leaving only the wallpaper and not option to restart the whole tablet.

    Like many other persons, my wifi is also unstable. It fails to connect when I arrive home (it used to before), once connected, it disconnects and does not connect back automatically.

    I have tried to obtain help from Acer, but they are not really helpful. They only suggest to wait for an update, but do not seem to have an idea on when this might be.

    Is there any possibility to return back to Honeycomb in the meantime? The new version does not provide a lot of improvements, anyway.
    04-28-2012 05:59 PM
  2. manonmoon49's Avatar
    Have you performed a factory reset?
    04-28-2012 06:40 PM
  3. ebookof's Avatar
    I did a pinhole reset. No impact. I have just done a factory reset. At least one issue remains (I will have to test to see if it solved the other issues):

    When I ask the tablet to check for an update, the following error message appears: "Network coverage is currently poor. Please move to a location with better coverage to continue".

    I am just by the wireless router and the tablet itself indicates that the signal is strong. Internet on the tablet works fine.

    Did anyone manage to solve this issue. If I am not able to solve it, I won't be able to get the update that will solve all the issues I have. I have probably no choice but to return the tablet to Acer.
    04-28-2012 08:32 PM
  4. bako88fan's Avatar
    Just my .02 but I've been running the leaked update for months and have never had a problem like what is being reported. If you haven't accepted the update yet then DON'T!! Download the leaked update which doesn't require root and enjoy ICS without the bugs.
    04-30-2012 11:01 AM
  5. UnfocusedHTC's Avatar
    No problems at all here with the update. Runs so much smoother.
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    04-30-2012 12:00 PM
  6. rednocturne307's Avatar
    No problems at all here with the update. Runs so much smoother.
    Same here. The tablet has been super smooth since the update. Smoother and snappier than it has EVER run for me. Really pleased with the update.
    04-30-2012 01:42 PM
  7. madsend81's Avatar
    I had a problem with gmail flashing as described by the OP and crashing on me this morning. First time I had seen it happen. I just turned it off as I had to leave for work. I'll check it out and see if it still does it when I get home.
    05-03-2012 01:26 PM
  8. gammaRascal's Avatar
    I've had Gmail wig out on my a few times on HC. Clicking a link inside an email caused some kind of issue and gmail would just start flickering etc. I'm not sure this is a new issue or not but ICS seems to be running a-ok for me.
    05-03-2012 02:11 PM
  9. pduffer's Avatar
    I've also encountered the flickering in Gmail at times since getting the ICS update. Auto-rotate doesn't work anymore. If an app that defaults to portrait mode is run, I have to run one that defaults to landscape to get landscape mode back. Otherwise, no issues.

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    05-03-2012 08:14 PM
  10. ksevern's Avatar
    I have Gmail flash off at least a couple of times peer day. Other than that, seems OK.

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    05-03-2012 09:14 PM
  11. madsend81's Avatar
    I restarted my tablet and that seemed to solve the problem with Gmail flashing. No resets, just powered it down for about 10 seconds and then turned it back on.
    05-04-2012 08:53 AM
  12. ebookof's Avatar
    I restarted my tablet and that seemed to solve the problem with Gmail flashing. No resets, just powered it down for about 10 seconds and then turned it back on.
    The gmail and folders flashing is not a big issue. The factory reset solved this issue on my tablet. However many other issues remain, including the gps that does not work, as well as bluetooth and wifi that are unstable.

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    05-05-2012 06:55 PM
  13. horsley67's Avatar
    I sent mine back to Acer an they installed honeycomb back on my a500. Didn't help I'm still having problems. I keep hoping I will hear how to fix here but I'm loosing fath. I wish I could help you and hope I soon can but so far I haven't heard of any help. Soory
    06-25-2012 03:06 PM
  14. Roosterman's Avatar
    I had no idea others were having such problems. Occasionally, WiFi doesn't start at first. Just have to go to settings and start it. I've found ICS to be a major improvement.
    06-29-2012 07:02 PM
  15. benltan's Avatar
    Hi there

    I used to have similar problems when I upgraded to ICS. I shopped around and tried a few different ROMs and found the following:


    It's very stable, lightweight and fast.

    The Gmail problem as far as I'm aware is an ongoing one and not device/ROM specific. I managed to fix the problem by deleting loads of emails and keeping my inbox fairly empty. It's a hit of a bind but now I can use Gmail 'flicker free.'

    Hope this helps!

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    07-30-2012 09:44 AM
  16. Darth Raider's Avatar
    Screen flickering was narrowed down to 2 things on the .021 build
    1. GL Drivers
    2. Auto switching between 2 and 3g

    It seems the 021 build still has a glitch. This was evident weeks before the OTA was released. In testing, no screen flickers were evident if the Data was set to 3g only. The problem arose, if Data was set to Auto, and GMail was opened at the same time Data was switching between 2 and 3g. Not that it effected all tabs, as the Iconia was shipped with 3 different radio versions.

    I believe Acer tried to use a generic set of drivers, that would work on all revisions of the 501. This would explain why most people don;t have an issue with 021, but a small percent do. This is evident by only 1 version OTA for all devices.

    Other things you may expect to see on a small percentage of devices.

    1. SOD (sleep of death). Tab goes to sleep and you have to hard boot it on occassion.
    2. SMS will not receive from other devices, except from carrier messages.
    3. Occassional 3g drop, or extended period of time till 3g reconnects from sleep or from extended wifi usage.

    These are things documented during testing of the 021 build. So it's not surprising they are evident in the OTA.

    Apps crashing. During testing, the only time apps crashed, was when a user restored data from Titanium Backup or a similar app (or even via CWM). Can't do this. Different OS, different Rom. With some apps, you can get away with doing this.

    The only hope for the small percentage of different revision users, is if a newer kernel form acer is OTA'd to these specific devices.

    Like I said, no surprises, as these things were documented during testing at XDA on Moscow Desires Rom thread 2-3 weeks before Acer pushed the OTA. Same build.

    Oh, in case you didn't know, MD released an OC/UV Kernel for the .021/.019 ICS Release today. For you gamers.
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    08-10-2012 02:34 PM
  17. janjwalt's Avatar

    Recently my A501 updated to ICS. Cool.
    However, now, I can't download any music or movies. The tab shows that it is downloading, and when it should hit 100% downloaded, I get a message saying download failed. Also can't view any videos posted on sites other than YouTube.

    Anyone else have these issues? Any fix for these issues?

    09-19-2012 12:50 AM