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    Finally got a few free minutes to sit down and type what I think about two newest 10.1" tablets competing for your money.


    The Acer has a gorgeous display. Don't let anyone tell you anything different. Seeing it side by side with the Transformer's display doesn't make it look bad at all. As for the Transformer, it does have an excellent display. I did notice that the Transformer's display was slightly richer than the Acer's.

    Winner: Transformer


    Both tabs performed about the same to me. Both struggled with some HD content. Both seemed to move slower than my Froyo running Evo 4G at times. There was an issue with responsiveness with the Transformer where at any given time, the screen would need to be pressed more than once for any kind of result. I never ran into this with the Acer.

    Winner: Iconia

    Hardware: The Iconia's smooth brushed aluminum back has a very nice feel to it but at the same time provides for a very slippery surface. Holding the Acer for a while can be a real chore. If you don't drop it, your wrist is probably going to start complaining after 15 mins or so because of the weight of the machine. The Transformer is quite a bit lighter in the hand than the Iconia and the back has a great feel to it. I was sure I was going to hate it before I actually held the Transformer in my hands but it may have been a better choice of material than the once Acer made.

    Winner: Transformer

    Both machines have a very solid feel and you can't go wrong with either in my opinion. I have to make a decision as to which machine to keep so I am choosing to keep the Transformer. I chose it because it's lighter, easier to hold, and will readidly attach to a keyboard-if I can ever find one.
    05-27-2011 11:08 PM