1. skatergirl's Avatar
    Not all my appointments are syncing over to the tablet calendar. There are some events there, but at least half of all calendar events are missing and every time I create a new event I get the "Unfortunately Google Sync has stopped working" message on the tablet ... a message I have gotten since I activated the tab.

    I use Sync2 and create most of my appointments with Outlook and then Sync2 moves them over to Google and my phone. However, I get this same issue even when I create the event in the Google calendar, before Sync2 gets its hands on it.

    From the research I have done, it seems that there is a basic sync issue between Google Calendar Sync and ICS.

    Is there anyone who has experienced this issue and who might have a solution.

    04-30-2012 09:08 AM
  2. skatergirl's Avatar
    So, to update the situation, if one can consider this an update rather than a waste of time, I did the dreaded factory reset, twice, and got stuck dealing with horribly challenging ACER customer service.

    I was finally sent to an office in what I believe was the United States. The tech there told me that ACER was pushing out an update today/tonight because the message of "being too far from the network" to check for an update was a known issue. He said maybe that update would clear up both issues.

    Well, the network error message is now gone. However, the calendar issue is still alive and well.

    So, when I have the wherewithal to get back on the phone to to tell them the calendar issue is still in need of repair, I will report this issue.

    I have faith this situation is going to be resolved somehow. Maybe the tablet is defective. I don't think so. Everything else is working fine and I think it is a software issue that can be remedied ... at least I hope!
    04-30-2012 02:37 PM
  3. David Seymour's Avatar
    yes i am getting the same error.. it started after i got a replacement phone from insurance.. I do the same thing you do with sync 2 from outlook to google calander
    04-08-2013 06:16 PM