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    (Originally posted accidentally in S4 Google Edition forum - my apologies)

    Like many others, I cannot update my Galaxy S4. Somehow, it thinks it's "been modified" and "software updates are not available".The device status shows "Custom".

    It's a company phone. The phone was delivered new, not used. I have never rooted the thing. I never did, and do not plan to. I have installed a bunch of apps, all from Google Play. The most exotic thing I did to it was to install "Airwatch" to comply with my company's security policy. But deactivating that did not improve things.
    I want to update because, I am told, a bug has been fixed with the update. (It's a known issue that corrupts the filenames of music files on the SD card.) I also want to be able to update to Kit Kat 4.4 when it's released. But with device status "custom" and that "software updates not available", I have hit a dead end. I have read many threads with suggestions that have either not worked (e.g., unmount SD card; pull battery; reboot), or address consequences of rooting the phone, not relevant in my case.
    There must be a simple solution.
    So I am looking for one of two things:

    1) How can I know exactly what my phone thinks is custom? That could help me find whatever is causing the issue.
    2) I could reset to factory specs and start over, if that would even help. But to do that, I would like to back up my phone to be able to restore my data and settings later. But I am not sure how to do that without complicating matters with 3rd party software. I prefer to keep things Google, if possible.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!
    09-05-2013 03:08 PM
  2. Archienj7's Avatar
    Back it up with Kies and reset it. I wouldn't personally as I found out about the update breaking root just after I did it and the process still is not safe on MF3. You may not want to root but there are plenty of people who would either buy or trade for your phone for that very reason.
    09-05-2013 03:48 PM

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