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    Any 3V users here that want to talk about this budget phone?
    I'm interested in what you think of it.
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    06-28-2018 08:59 PM
  2. jsarino's Avatar
    Here's mine...

    Large screen
    Capable camera
    Useful shortcuts on lock screen
    Decent battery life
    expandable memory (16 GB internal, up to 128 GB external)
    Android 8.0
    comes with clear bumper case and screen protector

    micro USB
    slow charging
    Will lag with some games
    fingerprint magnet
    Camera software needs some retweaking, poor on low light

    My time with the 3v has been surprisingly good. To me, you get alot of phone for just $150 USD. The display quality is very good (6 inch IPS LCD), plenty of real estate for apps to play. Videos on it ran just fine, watched a streaming game (World Cup, btw ), and a number of Netflix videos. Battery life was fairly good, I went through a whole day with average usage...the 3000 mAh size helps. The camera is pretty capable. I got a number of good shots, provided you have enough lighting. As expected for a phone in this price range, low light shots are not that good. If Alcatel can do some updating with their camera software, maybe it can pull off better low-light shots. I like that the phone is fairly thin. It was around the same height and width like my wife's Note 8, narrower than my Pixel 2 XL. The phone looks pricier than other phones in this space, IMO.

    My dislikes are when playing games, the chipset can't keep up, causing lagging. But it runs the core apps just fine. I wish it had a USB-C port. I also wished it would charge faster. Usually took me 3 hours or thereabouts to get to full charge from near empty. If you are rocking this phone naked (which I would assume you won't with the provided bumper case and screen protector), fingerprints galore. Having said all this, it should be a phone that you can consider and use daily, not to mention the price is right!
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    07-02-2018 01:34 PM
  3. DerseSKA's Avatar
    I got mine at Metro by TMobile (formerly known as MetroPCS) for only $40 when you activate a new line. Mine does have a USB-C port and not the Micro-USB which you said yours has. I wish there were more users out there so that there were more Owners Forums to ask for help. I just lost my 512g Samsung Galaxy Note9 and had only bought this phone as a back up in case I ever needed it. Unfortunately, I am now using it as my main phone.
    02-29-2020 09:32 PM

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