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    As you can see in the screenshots below ~1,3gb of internal storage are missing. ( 0.53 GB free + 2.89 GB apps + 0.06 GB the rest of things = 3.48 GB. Total space 4.74 GB - 3.48 GB = 1.26 GB missing.)

    If you look closely there is an anomaly. In list the Miscellaneous file takes only 26.69 mb internal storage but in the graphic look like they are taking much more. I guess there is the missing internal storage.

    I am full stock with the latest firmware installed. I have the 4,7 inch model.

    I tried to factory reset and wipe cache. At first was ok, but after i remove the bloatware and install my apps same results.
    I use cleanmaster,powercleaner but with no result.
    I looked up in every folder in internal storage but i did not find anything that can take this space.

    What can i do without root? I don't wanna root right now.
    Attached Thumbnails Internal Storage problem-screenshot_2015-10-10-10-25-26.png   Internal Storage problem-screenshot_2015-10-10-10-25-32.png  
    10-10-2015 03:57 AM

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