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    In a previous thread, i shouted from the roof tops that the 5042T finally has a rooting method.

    Having done the above, i've been using KingRoot's SU app for a couple weeks.
    While it certainly gets the job done, it just can't compete with SuperSU. (Imho)
    Then of course there's the worry surrounding what data it collects and sends back to China.

    KingRoot however, isn't keen on having their SU app replaced and makes it notoriously difficult to do so.

    After days of searching and reading and putting it off, i finally got the nerve up to try the method i devised.

    i'm happy to say that it worked and went way smoother than i had envisioned.

    So, if you have the 5042T with KingRoot but would rather have SuperSU, head on over to my G drive.
    Everything you need should be there.

    03-12-2016 11:12 AM

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