1. itchybutt_omine's Avatar
    Ok so my wifi was not working, so I rooted my phone, installed Root File Manager, and followed some GENIUS advice I found on Youtube.

    I renamed the file wpa_supplicant.conf to "wpa_supplicant1.conf" and the file subsequently disappeared. I tried to replace it by creating a new file with the same title, but it didn't stick. Somehow, the changes that I make with Root File Manger either are not correctly executed or are not visible within the program.

    Ok so here's my plea: Can someone please either 1) enlighten me on how to find / recover these files ~or~ 2) reply with the bare bones content of the file for me to painstakingly type into a new one? ~or~ 3) suggest a fix that this suuuuper green novice hasn't thought of?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    06-08-2016 10:04 AM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    I would try to backup any important data and do a factory data reset
    06-08-2016 11:08 AM
  3. anon(9633271)'s Avatar
    I would try to backup any important data and do a factory data reset
    Pretty sure that file resides on the system partition.
    Factory reset won't help.

    OP: Sorry for the late reply, where exactly (folder) did you delete the file from?

    Edit: Found it in the /custpack folder, so, yeah, factory reset isn't going to undo that snafu.
    If the OP still needs the file, i'll upload it for you.
    Worst case scenario, it won't work. 😕
    07-02-2016 03:36 AM

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