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    what you need

    pc ( gaming or low spec. i used mine vr headset to play minecraft windows 10 beta version(
    trinus vr pc server
    your idol 4 and 4s and vr headset
    trinus vr ( theres a paid and free demo version that lasts 10 minutes)
    or for oculus rift games you need riftcat there are other apps that allow you to pair your phone to your pc.
    your phones usb cable but you can pair with your phones ip address or by wifi hotspot.
    trinus has basic head tracking and you can set the sensitivity to reduce motion sickness. plus lens size and graphics. i managed to get my idol 4 work well minecraft.
    other users have been using other android devices like gear vr to play games like fallout 4, call of duty
    10-23-2016 01:58 AM

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