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    Alcatel 1 touch pop star from tracfone. Last night around 3:57 am the alarm went off by itself. It was never set for that time. I only run the stock clock app. So, in a daze, I hit snooze, and it went off again 5 minutes later. This time I hit the dismiss button, and then noticed the phone was actually turned off. So, it was on when the alarm sounded, but when I shut alarm off, the phone was immediately off all the way.

    I re started the phone, and it took the standard amount of time, perhaps a minute to fully boot up. I checked my set alarms, and they are all there. When the phone started up, it was immediately in airplane mode, which is how i left it last night when I went to bed. I always just put it in airplane mode and have my normal 5:35 am alarm set.

    So, I searched and some folks have 1of these issues, and some have the other issue, but I have both. No calendar settings, no 2nd party clock or alarm app, no previous alarm setting at that time.

    In conclusion, my phone shut itself off, and the alarm sounded all by itself,, and I even snoozed it and it sounded again!

    Any ideas? I shut the phone down completely about every 2 days or so, just to make sure some functions dont freak out. About a month ago, I awoke to an almost completely dead battery because apparently the wifi or 3g were still running by themself in airplane mode,, and my home wifi is always turned off at night. So I guess that time the phone was just " working" for some data connection? I get no 3g where I sleep, or very limited,, so with no wifi either, the phone would be working on nothing???

    Anyway,, Is my phone crapping out? or haunted?? Battery life seems fine.
    04-21-2017 10:46 AM

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