1. lilblu87's Avatar
    I have the Fire TV Stick 2nd Generation, but I guess it's the 2019 release according to the product page, and I cannot get it to work with a Sanyo DP19640 TV. The TV is from 2011, but the specs indicate it's HDCP compliant. When using the Fire Stick with it, I just get a black screen. I'm assuming this is an HDCP problem though. Is there anyway to fix this? Sanyo's website doesn't have any firmware updates.
    05-24-2020 03:19 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    HDCP would only go blank with video already streaming, not with the menu. Are you sure the stick is being properly powered (some TV's don't output enough power through their USB ports and might need to use an external power source)? Have you tried different HDMI inputs on the TV (and made sure the correct input is selected on the TV)? Do any other HDMI devices work on the port you're trying? What about the stick on a different TV? Do you get audio or nothing at all?
    05-26-2020 09:48 AM
  3. lilblu87's Avatar
    My fault for not putting enough info. Also, the TV is from 2010, not 2011 as I stated in my first post.

    When I plug in the Fire Stick, I do see the Amazon logo appear on screen, then it goes black. So I guess that suggests the port does work, at least somewhat. The Fire Stick is powered via the cable and power adapter that came with it and works properly on other TVs.

    This TV only has one HDMI port. I have not tried plugging anything else into it as I don't have an HDMI cable.

    I've read that this issue can happen sometimes with HDCP on older TVs. I thought I read something about Amazon changing something that now causes the screen to go black after their logo appears. So if this is an HDCP issue, I'd be interested to know if there's a way to fix this via an app on the Fire Stick.
    05-26-2020 04:38 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Oh, OK, so you DO get image out. Then yes, this is either a faulty stick (if it does the same on other TVs, which in your case, it seems to work OK) or a port issue (whether HDCP or a general one if other devices fail to display as well).

    If it's an HDCP issue, there is no 'app fix' as this is not a stick issue, it's a content protection security feature so cannot be bypassed. Check your TV to see if there are settings to enable/disable HDCP or any other HDMI options on the port.
    05-27-2020 11:02 AM

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