1. Simonthwaites's Avatar
    I updated software on my KF HD without realising I already had the latest version installed (7.2.3) and I was updating the standard (non HD) software version (10.2.4).
    The KF seems happy enough - I've gone back into the Kindle Updates folder via my pc and there's nothing in there. Does anyone know if I could have done any damage - the system version still shows 7.2.3 on the KF.
    Bit embarrasing.
    01-10-2013 01:34 PM
  2. darmakwolf's Avatar
    I don't think that's even possible, Simon...... mine has the latest version and it too says 7.2.3. I think you just think you downloaded the wrong update... I don't believe it would let you downgrade.
    02-17-2013 09:44 AM

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