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    I own a Kindle Fire HD 7" (previous generation, the one with the camera)

    The picture I have attached to this thread depicts the problem - basically, when I click Applications, all my icons have been replaced by the Amazon logo This may seem a minor problem, but it has me extremely confused!!! When I click on Applications at the top of my homepage, I usually get up a screen of icons with the titles underneath. Usually all the icons are different, and they depict the Application that opens when you tap it. However, today when I clicked Applications, the usual screen came up, but all my icons had been replaced by an Amazon logo with the exception of the applications that come with the Kindle (Contacts, Silk browser, Email etc.)

    I must point out that all my applications are opening and functioning as usual, it is just the icons that have changed!!!! As I say, a minor problem, and the Kindle is still functioning as normal. Just totally confused about why it would happen. Has it happened to anyone else? Is there any explanation?

    Thanks in advance!
    Attached Thumbnails Please Help - confused Kindle user!!!!-snapshot_20131225.jpg  
    12-26-2013 01:57 AM

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