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    Could not find a forum for the black friday special, 7" for $33 bucks, so I am posting here.

    I could not resist this, to check it out/

    I got it about half an hour ago, and just thought Id post a few thoughts here that may help anyone if considering this deal

    So I was pretty easily able to get the Google Play store on it, no root, no computer, just took a few minutes.

    here is the link I used:
    [HOW-TO] Install Google Play Store (Fire OS … | Amazon Fire

    The things I wanted to see working were Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Google Play Music and Hulu.

    They all work, but only some worth with Chromecast, which is odd that some do some dont. Not sure yet if that will be a deal breaker.

    For now youtube , google play music, can cast easily. However Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora can not. I have tried some of the cast apps, and so far no go.

    The device itself is pretty nice for such a cheap unit. The screen looks very good and is quite bright. Its a decent size for a small handheld.

    the onscreen buttons are annoying and different from standard android, or even samsung devices.

    I guess time will tell if I keep this, or ditch the $33 dollar experiment.

    Hope this helps someone
    11-27-2016 12:49 PM

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