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    Hi everyone (new here btw)...

    I just picked up my first Amazon tablet the other day (Fire HD 8 2017) and I'm running into things that are confusing the heck out of me. Like most here, I'm use to iOS or Android so I'm guessing that Amazon's tablets just work different because it's Fire OS (even though it's over Android.) I didn't know where else to go for help, Amazon tech support is totally useless, they don't even seem to know how their own devices operate and I get extremely frustrated on the phone with them and end up just hanging up on them. I couldn't really find any dedicated Amazon/Kindle forums and I've been here before under an old account of mine so I figured I would give it a try here, although there doesn't seem to be much activity on here for Amazon

    So I have a question about notification sounds. I know how to set the default notification sound for the tablet, that's a no-brainer! The question I have is, if an App contains it's own notification sound within the app (for example Kik messenger), why is my tablet playing the default notification sound that I chose in settings instead of Kik's notification sound that comes with the App? This is how it works on my iPhone or any Android device that I have but not so with the Kindle/Fire devices.

    Is this just how Fire OS works or am I missing something here?

    Thanks and I hope someone here answers this, it's going to drive me crazy not being able to figure this out or get a clear understanding on how things work differently.
    08-31-2017 09:25 PM

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