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    The Kindle HD 8 (8th gen) seems like a good web surfing tablet, EXCEPT for 2 things. The option bar permanently occupies a strip of real estate across the bottom of the screen. Why doesn't it disappear until I swipe up. Also, there is no way to force Silk or any other browser I found into full screen, until I don't want full screen any more. There is a lame auto full screen when scrolling, but if you are viewing the top of a web page, you cannot view full screen. These 2 things are rarely used items that take up about 20% of the screen, when viewing in landscape. I found a couple of full screen browsers in google play store that were full screen, but I couldn't login to my web pages using those browsers.
    I view a graphical interface, and I like to view the entire page at once. Is their thinking,"Well, they only read one line of text at a time?" Maybe they should and a Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves search bar as well.
    But seriously, is there a way I can force a browser on the Kindle Fire HD 8, into full screen mode, or hide the option bar? Thanks a lot.
    12-27-2018 11:26 PM
  2. dharper46's Avatar
    I got the name wrong. When I said option bar, I meant navigation bar.
    12-28-2018 01:30 AM

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