1. Kuroth's Avatar
    Hi... Thanks for the great Video.. It was really helpful to a Noob like myself new to all this..

    But I still have some Noob questions on this whole Root thing..(About If or why I should do it)

    1. From reading (And even a topic here in this forum) once I root the fire there will be things on the Amazon side I will no longer be able to do??? Unless I unroot. Like watch Amazon Prime movies is one I heard...What exactly will I NOT be able to do while the Fire is rooted that I normally could do???? I need to be clear in my mind on this before I decide to Root or not. I am not a hacker but just want to be able to Expand the Apps I can get for my Fire..

    2. Can I root, Purchase the Apps I want from the Android store, then using oneClick unroot thus giving me full use AND I can also use my new Andriod Apps too? So in my case for what I want to do.. Do I just root when I want something I cant get in the Amazon App store and then unroot etc???? And do this whenever I want something from the Android store?

    3. Looks like You can no longer get Go Launch and Root in the Amazon App store so..

    I have


    Root Explorer (File Manager) Full v2.17.1.apk

    That I D/L off the net and its on my PC.. Can I just transfer these to the Fire??? And if so, How exactly(What Steps)

    Thanks again and sorry for all my Noob questions... I am learning..
    11-20-2011 11:00 AM