1. ricktat's Avatar
    I have said before that the Fire will not replace your PC or your phone. An Ipad or other tablet can not replace them either.

    We all know the limitations of the device.

    You dont pay for nor do you get 3G or 4G and you dont sign a contract.
    The 6.5 gigs isnt huge but the cloud is easy enough to be used by your grandmother.
    If you don't like Amazon you won't like the device.
    You can't take pictures with your odd shaped/sized tablet that you would rather use your camera or phone for anyways.
    This is not a GPS device. It will not use GPS battery life or allow you to use apps that use GPS. Please don't throw this in your backpack to go hiking with.(please do take your phone)

    The Fire takes the fun and entertaining parts about electronics and the internet and puts them in one affordable place.

    I like that I can download an App from the App store on my phone and then the same app will appear in the cloud for my Fire.

    It really doesn't need to make excuses. It has never claimed to do the things that it can't.
    11-23-2011 09:13 AM