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    Got a fire on Friday night. So far its rooted, has android market, ad-hoc wifi conversion and a few other odds and ends. I wanted to post this so others would know since I have noticed incorrect information at other locations and hopefully the search engines will find this post and correct the information.

    Marvel Digital Unlimited works with the kindle fire. The solution is -
    1. Install Dolphin HD Browser (make sure Dolphin is set to DESKTOP in settings/user agent and NOT ANDROID)
    2. Connect to the Marvel Website.
    3. Enter account info and login.
    4. Select whatever comic you want to read and let choose READ.
    5. After it loads up make sure your comic is set to SINGLE PAGE in preferences (this is important).
    6. Make sure you are reading in Landscape, not portrait.
    7. Set the Dolphin browser to FULL SCREEN.
    8. Do not set the Marvel Reader to FULL SCREEN as this will allow pinch zoom when needed.
    9. Have fun
    (you would be surprised how many others have posted Marvel Digital as unreadable from the fire!)

    To View Itunes Movies on Android
    1. This is for movies you have purchased through Itunes.
    2. utilize a tool called chewtune by pavtube. (feel free to utilize the trial first to make sure you like it)
    3. Set the output setting in Chewtune to Nook Color and the frame rate to original. Make sure the bitrate is 2000.
    The movies are large but are VERY clear and work well with default video player.
    4. Should work for any purchased music as well.

    I hope this helps some folks. I love this little tablet so far.

    Best Wishes,

    Steven Owens
    12-12-2011 03:18 PM