1. x_pike's Avatar
    Hi, Im trying to sideload some apps, but Im not currently in the states. Ive tried to download ES File Explorer... but Amazon wont let me "buy it" (its free...) because my credit card does not have an US billing address...

    Any hints? once I get ES File Explorer to run, everything is downhill but... cant seem to find a way.

    Anyone knows if I can "buy" it if I get a gift card? or any other way to get it?

    Thnx a lot!
    12-24-2011 01:53 AM
  2. Jumpin Joe's Avatar
    I live in the USA. My friend bought a Kindle Fire here in the USA but he lives in France. He took the KF back to France with him.

    Here is roughly how he was able to purchase apps from the Amazon Market - even though he is France. Not sure how many of these steps are needed to actually get it to work - but I am providing them here.

    As always, your mileage may vary :-)

    1) He changed his address at Amazon to be one here in the USA (it's a valid work address for me)

    2) He bought an Amazon gift card in France and "gifted" it to himself (i.e. he now has a credit balance on his France based Amazon account)

    3) I generated a one / multiple use credit card number specifically for him. My bank here in the USA allows me to generate as many credit card numbers as I want.

    4) He then took that credit card number (complete with expiration date and CV2 number) and put it on his account. NOTE: He did not need my real billing address to do so. Unknown if he used my name with the credit card.

    5) He started to buy apps. As he has a credit balance, my credit card here in the USA never gets hit with the charges. All he has to do now is to always keep a gift card Amazon balance.

    I hope this helps.
    12-24-2011 01:45 PM