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    bought my husband new kindle fire for holidays, he was longtime user and devotee of palm (until it broke) and now time to move on. he really depends on his memos and already figured out loading up his contacts (via gmail). but just can't figure out to get those memos on his kindle.

    reading other posts, exported palm notes to .csv file in hopes that "notes everywhere" would be able to load and convert. since notes everywhere can pickup csv file from sd-card, figured i could save csv file to local directory on kindle and direct app to it. nada...import of palm file in this app looks like its hardcoded to pickup file from sd-card device as root directory. looking at app preferences, don't see option to switch palm import directory to local device (i.e. kindle root directory)

    is there a way to change load point of .csv file from sd-card to local kindle directories? or better yet, is there an app that can import and load palm memo's to kindle fire?
    12-26-2011 07:07 PM
  2. dcchow2000's Avatar

    after some fiddling, got palm memos to load from pc-palm desktop to kindle fire using notes everything!

    error was in our setting up the precedence order for categories of memos....and selecting ALL memos for export in palm desktop.

    notes everywhere did the right thing - though name of the directory was listed as \mnt\sdfile.... at bottom of screen for "pick"ing file, app knew where it was in the directory structure in picking up the local file. follow the basic directions for importing palm files for notes everything, be sure to select all memos in palm desktop when exporting to csv file, import file where you dropped it off on the fire and voila...those memos will pop-up in beautiful note format in this app with all the detailed info that you expected.

    so, there is hope for palm users and kindle fire is great follow-on (color, beautiful/larger display, wifi connect, more apps, etc). my husband's happy and all is good in the world.

    hope this helps anyone who might be traveling down these less-traveled paths.

    12-26-2011 08:20 PM
  3. Pkt_Lnt's Avatar
    I did that a couple years back using SimpleNote as a web app, and the version for the iPod touch. Just got an android phone a month back and found that Flick Notes works with SimpleNote. Now I have it on the Kindle Fire as well.
    12-27-2011 12:07 AM