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    My KF just updated to 6.3.1 on its own. Not sure what's changed yet.
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    05-03-2012 06:29 PM
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    05-04-2012 05:39 AM
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    I didn't even know mine updated. 6.3.1 already on device.
    05-05-2012 05:41 AM
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    Thanks for the heads-up, Battle. I'll check my Fire to see if it has updated, too.

    At the risk of sounding like an *****, I just got my Fire about a month ago and I'm wondering if anyone knows if/when we'll get page numbers instead of the percentages? I went from a Kindle 2 to a Kindle 3 because the K3 has page numbers and was surprised when I got my Fire that there are no page numbers.

    05-05-2012 01:34 PM
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    What did they upgrade? Mine just got it when I turned on the wifi today.
    05-06-2012 12:36 PM
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    Very little. Mine updated as soon as I found my home network after taking it out of the box a month ago.
    05-06-2012 10:31 PM
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    This update wasn't terribly exciting. I keep hoping for some ability to modify the launcher a bit more, at least wallpaper. Also, I would love it if they would stop making the side-loaded apps Icons fuzzy. I have liked the reading view on the web, and still think the Kindle Fire is pretty awesome just stock, but people like to customize their PCs and Tablets. Even the iPhone lets you change wallpaper.

    Right here is the list of updates according to Amazon:

    We have a new, free software update available for Kindle Fire. This update brings additional parental controls to Kindle Fire, including the ability to password-protect purchases, disable access to specific content libraries, and block access to the Silk web browser. As with all software updates, these new features will be delivered automatically to your Kindle Fire.

    Other recent software additions include:

    •Sharing: Easily share favorite passages and notes from books directly from Kindle Fire. Simply highlight a passage and select "Share," add a note, and choose which social network you'd like to post to.
    •Book Extras: Powered by Shelfari, Amazon's community of book lovers, Book Extras make it easy to see supplemental material about the book you are reading, without leaving the book. View descriptions of characters, a glossary of common terms used in the book, information on the authors and common locations referenced in the book, and more. To view Book Extras within your book, tap the bottom of the screen to bring up the options bar, tap the menu icon and select "Book Extras."
    •Archive of Personal Documents: Your personal documents are stored in the Amazon Cloud and available for redownload at any time from the Docs content library on your Kindle Fire. Just as with Kindle books, Whispersync automatically syncs notes, highlights and furthest page read for personal documents.
    •Print Replica Textbooks: Students can buy thousands of print replica textbooks to read on their Kindle Fire and save up to 60% off the list price of the print textbook. Print replica textbooks maintain the rich formatting, color and layout of the print editions, with features including notes and highlights, zoom and pan, linked table of contents, real page numbers, and Whispersync of notes, highlights and furthest page read.
    •Reading View for Amazon Silk: With Reading View on Silk, the content that you're interested in is elevated above the clutter in a reading-optimized, single screen view (even for multi-page articles). The full page is still available in the background, allowing you to easily toggle back to a traditional view to see other interesting features on the page.
    •Movie Rentals: The rental period for movie rentals downloaded to Kindle Fire now starts when you starts watching the movie, rather than at download.
    •Additional Enhancements: Faster re-connect of Wi-Fi after your Kindle Fire has been asleep, and general performance enhancements.
    If you are not sure what software version you're running, tap the Quick Settings icon, tap "More," then tap "Device." If your System Version is "Current version: 6.3.1," you are running the latest software. If your System Version is "Current version: 6.3" or earlier, follow the instructions below to take advantage of all of the features available for Kindle Fire.

    To update your Kindle Fire, ensure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and that your battery is fully charged. Tap the Quick Settings icon in the upper right corner of your device, then tap "Sync." The software update will automatically download in the background and will be applied once download is complete and the device is asleep.

    If you'd like to manually download and install the software update on your Kindle Fire, follow the instructions below. Please note that you'll need a USB cable (sold separately) to transfer the update to your Kindle Fire.

    To download the update manually, you can get it here: Amazon.com Help: Kindle Fire Software Update
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    05-09-2012 12:08 AM