1. scottfromga's Avatar
    Hey Guys, Looking for a little help on a situation that happened to me yesterday, my house was broken into and the scum stole my tv, some of my wife's jewelry and my Kindle Fire. My Fire is rooted and running the Jellybean Rom, so of course it's not stock at all. Question I have is this, since Android Market is running on it, can I download an app like "Lookout" or "Find My Droid" remotely, say through the Google Play website from my laptop, and install it, thus maybe finding it if the assheads who took my stuff decide to charge it and start playing with it? OR if the Pawn Shop they dump it at charges it and decides to play with it?

    If anyone has any tips or advice to offer on maybe helping me find my Fire...and who knows what else, I'd certainly appreciate it.
    08-23-2012 05:46 AM
  2. Little Darwin's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your being targeted by the scum... I hope you find your stuff.

    However, since the Fire doesn't have a GPS, I am not sure if you would get any meaningful location information even if you do figure out how to get the right software onto the device. I would think that the software probably has to be installed before the theft.

    Even if you can get the software loaded, you would probably need a subpoena to an ISP to find out who is using the ip address connected with the device. But you would have to first know which address and derive the ISP from the address ownership... There may be software to give you the IP address, but that wouldn't be real straight forward because in most cases the Fire would see itself as being on a 192.168.*.* network (based on what the router gives to it) but it could possibly be derived by having the Fire hit a web site to record its network "location."

    If you do find a solution, or even a good recommendation that we should all install on our Fires, please let us know. I know I will be looking now...
    08-23-2012 02:25 PM