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    Over time my kindle fire micro usb plug has been harder and harder to make a proper contact so I can charge it. The original charger that came with it is the worst, I never get contact with it. It works marginally with other micro. I tried other chargers and got some that worked most of the time, but over time they too have gotten progressively worse. These chargers still work fine with just about any other device I try them with.

    As it is now it takes me sometimes up to half an hour to get the plug inserted so I get the orange charging light, then I back away carefully and do not so much as breathe on the kindle fire so it can charge.

    I am worried that soon I will not be able to charge at all.

    It is (obviously) less than a year old. Hope this is covered in some kind of warranty... just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
    09-08-2012 10:02 AM
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    I had the same problem. I called Amazon customer service Friday and a replacement will be here Tuesday. They do have good customer service. I had a jelly bean rom on it, but was able to return to stock and do a factory reset with no problem. I have read on different forums that this is a common problem with the Fires. I was to the point where I couldn't charge at all. Fortunately I had enough battery to return to stock.
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    09-09-2012 04:05 PM
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    I called amazon and they too are shipping a replacement. Not one of the new ones though...

    I wasn't rooted or anything but managed just enough power to clear all personal info on the tablet.

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    09-11-2012 03:27 PM