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    KindleGen is issue by Amazon, it can convert *.epub,*.html and &*.opf to Kindle format(mobi), the converted file is best compatibility work with Kindle.But this tool only work by commandline, it's not good for operation.

    The KindleGen UI is a UI for KindleGen(A fast and easy way for convertion)

    KindleGen UI for Amazon KindleGen with user interface as following functions:

    1. To convert epub, html, htm & opf file to mobi format automatically with double click these files.(Need set KindleGen UI as default program).

    2. Automatic copy converted file into Kindle if it connect via USB port.

    3. This program not only offers a fast and easy way to convert a single file, you can select a folder for batch conversion.

    4. After install this program, you can Right-click the file and navigation to "Send To.." to chose KindleGen UI to start convert process.

    5. You can specify a output folder to save converted files.(Put it into source file folder by default)

    6. You can specify delete the source file when conversion finish.(Keep source file by default)

    7. You can review the convert log by click "log" button.

    Free Download(1.68MB): http://www.jrzdm.com/kindlegenui/enKingenUIv1.6.zip


    03-26-2013 04:14 AM