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    If you have trouble using your desktop to fully unroot your phone, or returning back to the stock firmware/ROM, whether it is because your phone's USB port is damaged/broken, or because your phone isn't being recognized by your computer any longer, the easiest way to do it with the app Mobile Odin
    A link to the Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...mobileodin.pro

    [WARN] Your phone must be rooted for this to work. If you're running a custom ROM, make sure it has root access or this won't work.
    This will also wipe your internal storage, as it is overwriting your current ROM and recovery. Make sure you have backed everything up. [/WARN]

    Let's get started
    Before buying the app, you will need the stock firmware file for your specific model phone. You can find these either at sammobile.com or samsung-updates.com...make sure you get the correct file as flashing an incompatible .tar file can brick your device.

    How to use Mobile Odin:
    First step you need to complete after installing the app, is grant Superuser access to the app. It will download some necessary files so make sure you are on WiFi, otherwise it will use up your mobile data.

    Once it is done downloading, it will give you some instructions to follow in case your phone boots into download mode. Select OK.

    Next step is to scroll down to "Open file..." Depending on where you downloaded the firmware, you will select the directory internal or external SD card.
    It should be one of the first files listed...select the file and then tap OK. Before flashing, make sure "EverRoot" is disabled as it may cause issues.
    [GUIDE] Unrooting and reverting back to stock without a computer-screenshot_2014-05-20-15-16-46.png

    Now scroll down to the "Wipe..." section and select both data/cache and dalvik cache.
    [GUIDE] Unrooting and reverting back to stock without a computer-screenshot_2014-05-20-15-16-16.png

    Finally, you will want to go back down to "Flash firmware" to begin the unrooting process.

    It will then notify you of your battery percentage and give you the option to continue
    [NOTE] It is preferred that you do this with a percentage of over 50%.
    If you are under that, charge your battery to avoid having your phone turn off while in download mode.

    DO NOT plug in and charge your phone before starting the flashing process.

    Now tap "continue" twice and then "check" and it will verify that you have all of the necessary files.
    Once it is done verifying, your phone will reboot into download mode (This is were you will see the green Android robot.)
    Hold the power for a few seconds until you feel that it vibrates, at which time it will reboot.

    Shortly after reboot, you should be greeted with the Mobile Odin Blue Android robot.

    Now give mobile Odin a few minutes to do its thing...

    After it is done, it will automatically reboot into the stock recovery. Here you will have to perform a factory reset.

    [INFO] Use the volume up and down buttons to navigate the stock recovery screen. Scroll down to "wipe data/factory reset" and use the power button to select the option. Then scroll down and select yes. [/INFO]

    Once the factory reset is done, select "reboot" and you're done.

    Note that this boot will take longer than normal as it is like the "initial boot," but once it is finished you will be on the stock TouchWiz ROM again
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    Nice write up!!
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