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    Like the other software companies, Google takes seriously any abuses of its services and will do whatever it can to stop that abuse. But that does require some input from users. So, if you find that you:

    * Get pop-ups telling you that your phone is or may be infected by a virus and that you need to download and install a particular anti-virus app or similar, or

    * Are redirected to a different site from the one you wanted, whose content is markedly different and probably spam-laden, or

    * Get a message saying that Android OS needs to be updated to the latest version now, perhaps with the statement or implication that bad things of one sort or another will or may happen if you don't update, or

    * Encounter anything else when using Google services that causes you concern or just doesn't seem right...


    It's easy to do....check the link below. Help them to clean the internet and keep it clean. We all want rid of such abuses and annoyances.

    Commonsense judgement will usually tell you whether messages are genuine, or just from people wanting your money in one dubious or illegal way or another. If you're in doubt, it's probably the latter.

    Of course, Google also wants your money, but they go about it in proper ways, and I think we can agree that they do offer something rather wonderful in return.

    Here's where to report, and also learn about other types of abuse:


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    Good to have this for future reference.
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