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    Emergencies...I was thinking of if the random event of if a fire started in my apartment building, what would I want to take with me. And several other thoughts rattled around in my head, and suddenly, I thought: 'Self, it would be pretty cool to come up with a list of things to have in small to medium sized bag with things to have in it if you only have time to grab a few things and get out safely.'

    I thought of this: People have data. Usually in things where if in the case of a fire, once it's destroyed, it's gone. Now, in theory, everyone should have several copies of files in several different places to prevent catastrophic damage to happen to the one and only copy of files.

    So, here is my list:

    #1. 1 small medium sized camera bag. To elaborate, any kind of zipper bag that is of a semi decent size. Camera bag came to mind first as that size/shape/design is really easy to come by.

    #2. 1 External battery charger. The larger capacity, the better. I have a 12k Aukey that is a nice size, about the same length as the Note 5.

    #3. 1 Spare wall charger. By now, everyone has extra wall chargers. Some are probably sitting in a corner gathering dust. Here is a way to bring it back to life.

    #4. 2 or 3 extra data cables. Same as above. By now, everyone has an extra cord or two. Toss them in the bag.

    #5. External portable Hard drive. These are getting more and more affordable with each passing year. I think Amazon has 1 TB WD ones for about $60. Any USB compatibility is fine.

    #6. Any size jump drive. These are getting more affordable every year as well. I would say make sure they are USB 3.0 compatible.

    #7. Extra cell phone. Again, it's to the point where people have an extra one of these (or maybe half a dozen) laying around.

    #8. Making DVD backups of the most important stuff.

    Toss everything in the camera bad, and you have a single bag to grab as opposed to scrambling around the house.

    Now for the habitual things. I would suggest getting into a habit of selecting a day of the week to do backups of all your files. PC, phone, tablet, etc. Make a calendar event to go off. Even if it's on Sunday during the ball game. You can still watch the game and back up your stuff at the same time.
    04-06-2016 11:10 PM
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    I like making lists (or used to), planning and having things ready at the door.

    My standard of living now is not great, so less lists, though I treat myself to great rates at Holiday Inns most weekends because of neighbour problems.

    I keep spare things in the old car, and Fridays I make sure I have the Laptop w/charger, phone charger, some cables inc VGA and a Chromecast for TV connection, my best headphones with extension cable for hotel tv's though mainly for flac music on the laptop.

    In a fire situation, I keep a memory stick in a wallet, so can't think of needing to save any physical data. The phone is put next to a coat with full pockets after a charge.

    My previous job had me on call a lot so that helped creating a mindset.

    Not worried about movies, music (I have a lot of CD's though) or photos etc. Most files are duplicated.

    Paper documents like passport, accounts, certificates (no not stocks!), work references etc may be lost - so that's worth another thought.

    How much physical data do people need to save?
    In reality going back to a fire for your precious movie collection, well.....
    07-28-2016 01:37 PM
  3. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    How much physical data do people need to save?
    In reality going back to a fire for your precious movie collection, well.....
    And that's the part that people need to keep in mind. If the copy is physically destroyed or lost. And it doesn't have to be a fire. Flood, hurricane/tornado, burglary, data degradation, the list can go on.
    08-20-2016 10:11 AM

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