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    Like every device before Marshmallow, you want to connect your device to your PC. This is a common practice to transfer music, pictures, etc, so that data isn't lost. However, it's not exactly a plug and play idea anymore. But, with a few taps, it's still capable of being done.

    I will show you the steps. I am using my Pixel on Nougat, but the steps are the same on Marshmallow.

    First, you plug in your device, unlocking it if needed.

    Second, you pull the notification shade down, and you will see an icon in the notification shade.
    [Guide][Android 6.0+]How to connect to your PC-screenshot_20170113-090612.jpg
    The second N notification that says, charging this device; click on that notification.

    You will then be prompted with another screen for a choice.
    [Guide][Android 6.0+]How to connect to your PC-screenshot_20170113-090622.jpg
    You can then select Transfer Files.

    In Marshmallow, this also had a listing for MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) either way, it's the same thing: it allows for file transfers to happen between a PC and a device.

    Once you make a selection, the screen goes away, and you can continue with what you want to do.

    One thing to note, this procedure needs to be done every time you plug the device in. It can be a pain, but can also be viewed as a security feature so that someone doesn't take files off your device without your permission.
    01-07-2017 11:16 AM

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