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    The Android system allows the user to install a multitude, or perhaps just a couple, of apps on the device whose functions are basically the same. Third-party keyboards, browsers, photo galleries, music apps etc. can be added to whatever is already installed in the phone. That’s good, but small problems may occasionally arise.

    Suppose you want to Play some music. You may have more than one app that can play a music file. You’re invited to choose which one to use, and after deciding, you accidentally tap Always. That means that henceforth, that app will always be used for playing music files. You may subsequently regret that and wonder how to get back to being able to choose again.

    It’s simple. Go to Settings, Apps, All, and tap the overflow menu dots at top right. These options will appear:

    Tapping Reset App Preferences gives this, and note that the consequences are described:

    Tapping Reset Default Apps gives this, and note that you can select individual apps:

    Don't be surprised if things look different after resetting in either of the ways above. You'll have to set up some things manually again, though it's simple. For example, I was using Google Now Launcher as the default, but after resetting, which I did as a demo, that default is lost, and I'm presented with:

    Some permissions may need to be regranted. The Photos app may need to open certain files:

    Ditto the AC Forums app:

    As well as a cure for having failed to tap Just Once, the procedures above may, according to some users, be helpful in treating lag.
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    11-14-2017 01:33 PM

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