1. Nauga's Avatar
    Personally, I think it's awesome that the very first post in the Android P forum last year was titled, "Substratum themes no longer work in Android P," and here I am holding a 2XL running the Q DP1 displaying the same Swift Black look that I used to root to get.

    I kind of doubt that Google's going to put a lot of effort into perfecting theming options at this point (which is about all I care about for now), but I've been pretty lucky otherwise. I haven't run into any appreciable lag on Q; I've seen zero crashes or reboots; and my phone works better with my Pixelbook now than it did before.

    What are your top priority changes for DP2?
    03-25-2019 03:17 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    No lag or crashes either (except in certain apps - Firefox just closes, but I reported it to Mozilla - and casting doesn't work (that's been reported to Google). But the battery life seems to be down in rc1 - I hope that's the first thing they get to in rc2. (And I hope all the devs of all the apps I have that won't work or that throw warning toasts in Q start fixing them.)
    03-25-2019 03:53 PM
  3. Kizzy Catwoman's Avatar
    I hope the "background actions will not work in future versions of q" toast will stop everytime I squeeze my phone to activate assistant or launch something from a widget or shortcut. I find it very annoying.
    04-02-2019 09:51 AM

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