1. N4Newbie's Avatar
    I have no idea where to post this because I don't know if it is a Hangouts problem, Project Fi problem, Pixel 4 XL problem, Android 10 problem, or a mix of the above.

    I have a Pixel 4 XL on Project Fi and have, until last night, used Hangouts as my texting app.

    With the Coronavirus outbreak, my company's management team (of which I am a member) has been engaged in many lengthy group messaging sessions. They are all using iPhones.

    Individually, I have always been able to text back and forth with them without issue. But, during yesterday's two hundred or so messages going back and forth to a group of seven of us, it has become apparent that although I believe I was receiving everyone's messages, I know for a fact that not everyone was receiving all of my replies. It appears that some of my replies reached just one member of the group (a random member? I'm not sure); other replies may have reached more than one member but not all members.

    Late yesterday I disabled "Messages" in Hangouts settings thus making Google Messages the default messaging app (weirdly, in system settings, Messages was always set as the default messaging app, but apparently Hangouts setting was overriding the system setting?). An hour or so later I did receive a message from the group (in Messages) and replied to it, including "PS: I'm using a different messaging app. Hopefully you will *all* receive this." I hoped that at least some would offer confirmation, but no one took the bait. I am close with one of my co-managers, so I reached out to her on What's App and she confirmed that she saw my reply in the group chat, but I have no certainty that the others did. If I tap one of my replies and then Info, I see all the relevant phone numbers listed in the To: section, so I am hopeful that everyone is now receiving my replies.

    Any guidance on this entire subject would be appreciated!
    03-22-2020 07:33 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Interesting -- I didn't even know Hangouts could still be used for SMS/MMS (on Fi only)! Given that Google continues to slowly turn the screws on Hangouts on its way to retirement, I wouldn't be surprised if its functionality starts to falter more, and without much warning. But I don't have any definitive information on it.
    03-22-2020 01:03 PM

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