1. droidnewb22's Avatar
    usb connection does not open transfer dialog. android 11 Schok phone Assurance wireless obama phone

    i cant figure how to transfer the files with my usb cable ..it chimes when i connect usb but nothing shows up.
    04-19-2022 04:10 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! When you connect, swipe down the notification panel. Do you see a USB notification there?
    04-19-2022 04:20 PM
  3. Kizzy Catwoman's Avatar
    Is your cable micro USB or USB C? Some cables are only good for charging and don't carry data. Can you try a different cable?
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    04-19-2022 06:11 PM
  4. droidnewb22's Avatar
    B.Diddy no dont see it..in the notification panel
    04-19-2022 06:34 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Have you tried other cables? Kizzy Catwoman is correct, some cables may only be meant for charging, or the cable might be damaged such that it can only charge.
    04-19-2022 06:37 PM
  6. droidnewb22's Avatar
    kizzy wins it.. nice 3-in-1 cable i got from ebay with nice braid cloth jacket does NOT do DATA.

    thank you ladies and gentlemen...
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    04-19-2022 06:43 PM
  7. droidnewb22's Avatar
    so while i am here..
    is there a way to clone the phone so i dont go out and break or lose my only phone?
    04-19-2022 06:45 PM
  8. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Glad you got it working!

    There aren't any good phone cloning apps or programs that I'm aware of. I'd be cautious with this kind of thing, because it's fertile ground for shady developers. It's better to make sure all of your important data is backed up or synced somehwere on a regular basis, so that if your phone gets lost or fails, you can easily sync that data to a new phone. I always recommend to take advantage of Google's cloud for things like Google Contacts, Google Photos, and Google Drive, but there are other cloud solutions as well, like Microsoft OneDrive.
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    04-19-2022 06:50 PM
  9. droidnewb22's Avatar
    the free subscription is what i'm after.
    since i can only use one or the other phone seems like similar use of the sub while maintaining it.
    ifi give up my landline this thing needs to be there when i need it.
    04-19-2022 07:57 PM
  10. B. Diddy's Avatar
    What kind of free subscription are you referring to?
    04-19-2022 11:01 PM

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