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    When I take pics and then go to Gallery to view them half are there, others have black box with white lightening bolt. I've tried to send them to Picasa or Flicker but the are gone..once the black box is there I cannot get the pics to open. My phone is updated: firmware etc from settings..rebooted..took battery out n reinserted..cleaned out existing viewable pics to Picasa..I use my phone camera lots. I can't figure out if I've messed up something original it's an app problem or my camera is dying
    Some pics are taking and saving perfectly. Please make suggestions..not sure what else to try. THANKS a bunch!!
    10-05-2012 06:18 PM
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    Hi Surreal01,

    I have a problem that sounds similar: some pictures on the Gallery are missing (about every second one) and instead I see a black box with some white sign (lightening bolt?). It's not only photos that I've taken, but also all photos that I've saved on the external SD-card. The photos that are in the internal memory are shown well.

    The problem happened once before, this time I changed the SD-card (thought that it might be broken) and the new card worked well. Until last week: the same problem re-occurred again.

    If I go to the "file manager" ("my files") the photos are there, but the media browser can not show nor open them. I installed other gallery-programs and they have the same problem. Anyhow, if you are having this same problem you might be able to save your photos via the "file manager".

    It looks like the problem is not in the file-system, it is in the media library that somehow understands that there are photos on the SD-card, but it can not link to the right place on the file system.

    If someone knows how to rebuild the media library i would like to try that out. Doing a rescan does not help: the corrupted information of the missing photos will not be corrected in this way. So I would like to delete the media library information and rebuild it completely.

    System: Samsung Galaxy S2, Android version: 4.0.4

    11-11-2012 08:19 AM
  3. SWFCOWLS's Avatar
    Anyone found a solution yet.

    A couple of months ago, I reported a problem to Samsung Support, where the built-in Apps of gallery and music player had started to show multiple entries for each actual file, where one entry is the file and the other is a locked file of some description which can't be viewed or played accordingly.

    If you use "My Files", there is only one version of the file in the directory. If you try and look at photographs, you get a thumbnail of the photograph and then another thumbnail that is black with what looks like a white "keylock", suggesting a "lock" file. When trying to access the gallery, sometimes it will close automatically preventing you from accessing the pictures.

    Last time I was advised by Samsung support to backup my files and perform a factory reset. This did indeed fix the problem, apart from I then had to restore and start again.

    Unfortunately, this problem has shown itself again in exactly the same way this week. I've started to do a backup in anticipation of doing a firmware reset again. I've only had the phone 6 months from new.

    No Apps were installed between working OK and then it not working correctly. I've rebooted the phone twice hoping the fault was a temporary glitch, but to no avail.

    According to Kies, my phone is running the latest firmware.

    Samsung don't seem to be any use, so if someone has some information that will help without having to do a factory reset, I would appreciate it.
    02-14-2013 07:57 AM

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