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    i attempted to root my Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830, Android Version 2.3.3, Baseband Versiom S5830XWKP8, Kernal Ver root@Dell 128#1, Build No Gingerbread XWKPY using a Zip Called upd_1. I followed all instructions as per Site


    I did all of same then paniced and restet my fone now i see 3 Apps in my app Drawer They are Superuser , Root Validate & Super SU so i now do not know if my fone is rooted or not what i need to know is 1 How to find out if my fone is Rooted? 2 How to go back to how my fone was before i did all of above? 3 How to get rid of The 3 Apps aforementioned in my App Drawer.I await your direction and Assistance at your convenience and hope n pray I Have Not Damaged my Fone or Messed up the warranty. Thank You Again John
    01-07-2013 05:46 AM
  2. thatsimplekid's Avatar
    Hi, im sorry but i cannot see your problem, you have successfully rooted you phone, also, you can unroot, and there will be no trace of a root ever happening, therefore Warranty = Not Voided

    Download Unroot:
    01-25-2013 10:57 AM

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