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    Hey I have the Nitro rooted with the stock rom.
    I was having a problem with the screen flashing on and off at random times and sometimes it seemed to reboot on its own.

    I had this battery app and the developer had updated it and said it can fix the issue.

    At first I did not give the app root permission but then I did and I did what he said.

    The app seemed to freeze on reboot option so I did a manual reboot.

    Then for the first time my phone went into boot loop it seemed.

    I see the LG logo but since I removed the at&t logo I see black until it would normaly boot.

    Now it just loops staying with a blackish screen.

    I can't get to safe mode by holding the search button.

    Factory reset by holding the power button with volume down seems to start but then it goes to an android next to a box and under that is a gray loading bar then it just reboots and its back to the same problem.

    How can I fix this since I cant even factory reset it?

    The developer said his app should not have done anything, but it only happend when I used his app.

    I am on version 2.3.5 and never updated since I bought it only rooted it.

    Thanks in advance for any info.
    02-27-2013 02:29 AM

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