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    On my Motorola Electrify I have used about 7 g of my 8.9 g internal memory. I've been trying to transfer some files to my phones external sd without success. Motorola (android 2.3.5) did away with easy "transfer to sd card" and replaced it with "transfer to media" (still in internal). I've looked under the "files" section but not sure what I can transfer. Tried different apps to analyze what's on internal sd but they all freeze part way through analysis or say "low on memory" (exceeding 42mb allowed per app). Tried cleaning up files with Clean Master app but still other apps freeze during inspection of storage. It shows that my apps only using about 500mb of space so don't know what's taking up rest of 7g space. HELP ! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated from this novice.
    08-23-2013 11:16 AM

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