1. Syed Ali gilani's Avatar
    Dear ALL Geniuses...!
    I am running Noir A2 Lite, with Spreadtrum chip SP8810. I am stucked into Bootloop, and I am fully sure it is due to not clearing Dalvik-cache.
    I was setting up the low internal memory issue with ext3 partition of Sdcard method using Pimk Rom, BusyBox etc. Everything was fine and in the end I got the internal memory increased but the phone was working slow so I thought to get back to the previous state where my genuine internal phone memory was existing. So I just done the RESET FACTORY from Settings of phone. After that it rebooted and still keeps rebooting again and again. I searched on the causes of BOOTLOOP and came to know it might happen due to not clearing DELVIK-CACHE.
    Phone is rooted ( Of course), and I can't boot into Recovery Mode, I don't know why because since I rooted I wasn't able to get into recovery mode by pressing any key combinations. But I can go into fastboot by pressing VOL+ and POWER button together.

    Now anyone body here? Can you suggest me any way to resolve this problem?
    03-17-2014 12:57 AM
  2. washi3e3's Avatar
    Not an expert but if you can at least get into download mode then we know it's not essentially hard - bricked. That being said, I would just get odin out and flash a recovery like the latest cmd and then flash a factory rom on it. I am running into a similar issue except my note 3 wont completely boot after it installs a ROM by flashing it on cwm, I think I need a new boot loader but am unable to find one.
    03-17-2014 02:47 AM

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