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    I just got this free, simple lil Android phone when I applied for the California Lifeline service through Telscape Communications (turns out Telscape is owned by Sprint Nextel and operates on their respective network).

    Now, when I turn it on, the splash screen informs me that this phone is an Alcatel Onetouch. Ok. No biggies. However, I notice an abnormal squared blackout centered just above the screen and just below the speaker. I scratch it off and discover that this is an old Virgin Mobile that's obviously been refurbished for the recent Sprint Nextel "meglomaniacal small-fish-swallowing" Telscape.

    That's not even the issue. Is it still possible to root this new/old Virgin Mobile Venture a554c with it's storied past & new carrier? Would the old root method located here...

    ...still work?
    05-08-2014 02:20 PM

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